"The Kelpie"

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Kelpies are a Scottish folklore creature that disguise themselves as horses in water. When wading in to rescue them they devour the would be saviour and then vanish beneath the surface again. One of my favourite walks is the Kelpies at Falkirk near my home. The sculptures are truly jaw dropping. When painting this piece I was going for a mermaid vibe but the dramatic swoop of rainbow coloured paint reminded me of water and I thought that titling it "The Kelpie" seemed far better.

The Scottish countryside is an endless source of inspiration for me and I tried to capture the inspiration and feeling of magic, folklore and wonderment in this painting. This piece is truly one of a kind and I adore it!

Artwork Details: 

Materials: Professional Grade Acrylic on Archival Canvas

Size: 90 x 120cm 

This painting will be varnished, signed and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity 

Please note that this painting will be shipped rolled and will need re-stretched prior to hanging. This is the safest method of shipping a large painting. The artwork can be re-stretched by a framer or a gallery or if you are handy, you could do it yourself! Yay!